What will happen if I lose hearing in only one ear?

Your life directly depends on the hearing capability you have. Therefore, it is always beneficial to have a suitable hearing capacity. This capacity makes you eligible to live your life to the fullest. In this world, there is no man who can become successful without having great hearing capability. Therefore, people are on a continuous search to find the best hearing aids services in Punjab. This best hearing aid centre provides them with top-notch hearing aid machines.

This hearing loss problem is quite remarkable in the people living in Kapurthala. These people are often exposed to loud sounds and music. Thus, all of them are searching for the best hearing aids in Kapurthala. This search is quite fruitful for them as it can enable them to get the best-in-class hearing aids.

Here, there is a common question among patients suffering from hearing loss. A majority of them don’t have the hearing capability in one of their ears. They want to know whether they can commonly complete their daily goals or not. Unfortunately, this will create a lot of discomfort for you. It will create hurdles in both your professional and personal life.

So now, let’s have a look at what are the probable reasons that cause hearing loss in one of the ears you have.

  • Exposure To Loud Sound
  • Age is not just a number
  • Injury
  • Some Medications

Below is the description of the points that are given above.

Exposure To Loud Sound

No age is suitable to get hearing loss and nowadays, it has become difficult for children to hear properly. Here, the most common cause is exposure to loud sounds and music. Today, headphones and speakers are common and easily accessible. Children can reach them as well and use them. Another demon that creates hearing loss issues is the availability of in-ear headphones that can make anyone partially deaf when it is used for a long time.

Do you know the most annoying fact about being exposed to loud sounds? It is hampering the hearing capability of one of your ears. Trust me, it is completely disgusting to have one year blocked or not functioning at all. Therefore, many use digital hearing aids in Kapurthala to combat this abnormality. These aids assist them to rectify the problem of partial hearing from one ear only. Sometimes it is also necessary to protect your other ear which is completely operational to avoid the risk of complete deafness. Here, hearing machines play a pivotal role in securing the hearing power of your other ear.

Age is not just a number

You must have heard that age is just a number. Many old folks say this as a famous proverb. But, this doesn’t fit medically when we are talking about hearing loss. Ageing affects the hearing capability of any person. In the last few decades, it has become common for elderlies to lose their hearing power. This is common due to changes in the auditory nerve and inner ear. 

This is also one of the major reasons for partial hearing loss in men. This trait is common among men of age 40 to 60. Although, the 40 age group is at least at risk. However, it can also show its bad effects during early age (maybe mid or late 30s). 


Injury can also be counted as a leading reason to cause hearing loss. Any Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can also affect the inner ears. It can also provide great damage to the eardrums. Moreover, disrupting any part of the brain that controls auditory processing can also cause less hearing capacity. Every year, millions experience a head injury that causes hearing loss. A head injury resulting in the destruction of the eardrum or auditory drum.

It is a common cause of hearing loss among people living in this fast-paced world. This form of head injury can cause hearing loss in humans of any age group. In addition, trauma to the inner ear can also cause hearing loss by increasing certain noises that become too sensitive for hearing.

Some Medications

Hearing loss can also occur due to some medications which is one of the most common phenomena in this current age. There are certain medications that can cause damage to the inner ears and create a medical situation of hearing loss. These medicines are known as ototoxic medicines. If you are the one who is suffering from hearing loss after taking ototoxic medicines, then you should consult the best hearing aids services in Punjab. These medications can cause greater damage, especially to men of older age.

Taking these medicines regularly can have devastating effects on one’s ears. The hearing capability of that person will be affected on a large scale. In addition, this medicine can show its effect quickly by damaging the inner ears. The first notable symptoms are ringing in the ears and vertigo. In a few cases, normal hearing power resumes after you stop taking this medicine. However, it can have a much larger effect by causing permanent damage to the inner ears.


It is evident that many people are suffering from the problem of hearing loss due to partial hearing loss. Anyone suffering from a partial hearing loss issue in which they lose hearing capability in only one ear can get the best hearing aids services in Kapurthala. It will help them to fight the hearing impairment issue in this competitive era. So they can lead a normal life with optimum hearing capacity.

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