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A hearing aid is a small device operated by a battery designed specially to improve the hearing power of any person. It ameliorates the life of a person by making sound completely audible to any person with impaired hearing. One of the primary benefits of using a Digital Hearing Aids Machine. These machines are rechargeable, by replacing their battery to improve the communication power in you.


According to WHO, in India there are more than  63 million patients, having serious auditory problems. Undeniably, this number is gigantic and the worst thing is it is increasing rapidly. However, the Hearing Aids Service we offer has a perfect remedy for it. We know the value of listening and our Hearing Machine is a perfect product to rectify any problem affecting your hearing capability.

How does a Hearing Machine work?

A hearing aid machine works with a simple yet effective mechanism that amplifies the sound you hear. This makes your hearing capability better than in normal conditions. These machines work simply as they are operated with a battery. They are well-known for letting your ear canal detect sound waves and energy to ensure your hearing capability.

Our Hearing Aids Service provides you with several components. Irrespective of the model of your Hearing Machine, you will receive the following components in it:



Converts sound waves to electrical signals, sending them to the amplifier.


Improves the power of electrical signals and sends it to the speaker.


Sends the amplified sound to your ear enabling you to hear.


Let all functions work normally and without any obstacle.

Why Should you select the Hearing Aids Service of HEARSOUND HEARING?

HEARSOUND HEARING has a broad range of designs of hearing aids across India. We always care for our patients and provide them with a suitable Hearing Machine according to the lifestyle of the patient, check-up and preferred shape of our Digital Hearing Aids Machine. All these are performed by a team of experts in hearing testing. Therefore, we provide customer-friendly services to you while ensuring your ears are perfectly healthy.

Types of Hearing Aids

As of now, we have a total of 4 types of hearing aids machine. These machines are important to increase the hearing capability. Let us take a look at the types of Hearing aids we have:


Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

A BTE aid is one of the devices that hooks behind your ear to get a good grip and rest. This hearing aid is connected by a tube to an ear mould that fits in your ear canal. This kind of hearing aid machine is suitable for people of all age groups. This type of machine is more capable of amplifying sound than other machines.


In-the-Ear (ITE)

This is a popular style to wear hearing aid, this type is suggested only after the proper consultation with a hearing aids consultant. ITE devices come in two sizes, one that fills the outer ear and one that fills the half-area of your outer ear. A hearing aids consultant can recommend these kinds of machines either for mild or severe hearing loss problems.


In-the-Canal (ITC)

In-the-canal or ITC hearing aids have a position in the lower portion of your ear bowl. These hearing types have a slightly longer battery life as compared to other hearing machines that fit inside your ears. They are well-known for improving mild to moderate loss of hearing in men, mainly adults. This type of hearing aid is less visible in your ears as compared to other styles of hearing machines.


Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)

Receiver-in-canal are styles similar to the BTE type of hearing aid that comes with an in-built speaker. This speaker has a position in the ear canal. However, the major difference between RIC and BTE hearing aids is its source of connection which is a wire in case of using the RIC hearing aids.

Tips for maintenance of your Hearing Aids

Optimum care and maintenance of the Hearing Machine will make sure best performance of hearing aids and its usability.

Always keep your hearing aids in a dry place

We recommend you use a dehumidifier to avoid moisture in a Hearing Machine, especially when they get wet.

Keep your ears clean

Try removing the ear wax and clean your ears regularly using a dry cotton swab or any soft toothbrush to clean any debris from your ears.

Change batteries of the hearing aid machine

Using the same batteries over and over again can be damaging for your hearing aids device. Thus, you should keep the batteries of your Hearing Machine changing when required.

Handle with care

Lastly, always handle your hearing aids with care and keep that away from the reach of any children or an inexperienced user. It will resolve the problem of damaging the hearing aids.

Benefits of Using Hearing Aids

Frequently Asked Questions

HEARSOUND HEARING is the best Hearing Aids Service to provide notable solutions. To buy from us, visit our official website.

The hearing aid you select depends mostly on the severity of your hearing loss. In addition, your lifestyle and age are also some of the factors.

Majorly there are 6 types of hearing aids models, among them, BTE (behind the ear) and ITE (in the ear) are the most famous ones. However, CIC (Completely in Canal), ITC (in the canal), IIC (invisible in canal) and RIC (receiver in canal) are also the types of hearing aids.

All hearing aids we sell usually last for about 5 to 6 years in which they are completely operational. However, this duration can also be increased considering the recent advancement of technology.