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HEARSOUND HEARING is a well-known brand of hearing aids in India. We are located all across India and are known for offering the most suitable hearing aids. We have a variety of hearing aids having state of the art technology. We provide in-home services across the Delhi-NCR region and all over India. Being a reputed organization, we are emerging as the most trusted hearing test and hearing aid providers and with an experience of 15 years, rendering the best hearing test and hearing aids services to the patients. Our mission is to establish a healthy audible community.


Our highly experienced audiologists are entirely dedicated and passionate about the betterment of your ear health. We provide the hearing solution according to the type of hearing problem. An intricate and consistent process follows up the entire hearing aid procedure. Our services are very affordable and utterly exclusive to hearing loss. We are committed to delivering custom and premium solutions regarding hearing test and hearing aid. With good knowledge of audiology and hearing sciences, our experts guide the patients towards magic that let them listen again with their ears. HSS also inspires patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle towards natural hearing health.


We connect with people online, provide them consultation and recommend the best hearing aid. Hearing patients in the country can now live a joyful life with excellent auditory health. We have a staff with expertise in the fields like hearing instrumentation, audiology, and neuroscience. HSS tends to inspire lives with the best solution to hearing loss. A solid and unbiased network lets us impart the best Hearing loss solution to patients. Our complete focus stays on delivering impeccable services at all. Seamless services standards and revolutionary hearing aid technology bind together to give rise to a new milestone that proves the success of hearing aids assisting hearing loss.


We are available 24/7 to provide you with the answer to queries related to hearing loss about you, your family or your friends. We care for you and are available to take the examination of hearing loss within India. In addition, we advise you to check your ears regularly as it is necessary to do it to monitor the capability of hearing.

Our mission

We tend to improve the quality and enjoyment of life for people by helping them to improve their hearing ability. We have been awarded for a long time for serving patients with the safest and successful online hearing test and branded hearing aid. We have a simple mission in which we want to make sure that our professional hearing services reach maximum patients. Moreover, our hearing aid services are also available for patients belonging to the lower-income group. We can inspect your existing aids and your hearing power to suggest improvements (if required). Our wide range of hearing aids will help you to improve the quality of your life by hearing everything clearly.

At HEARSOUND HEARING, we have a wide range of services, including hearing aids, consultations & tests, providing you with a suitable hearing aid and after-sales services.

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We have a record of 100% patient satisfaction and are located at SCO-13, Circular Road, Near Ramneek Chowk, Near New Chiri Dhaba, Kapurthala, 146001. We invite you all to get in touch with our highly professional staff by visiting our office or dialling the official phone number!