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HEARSOUND HEARING is the most trusted and one of the biggest brands in India. Our expertise in diagnosing the hearing disorder and its treatment. We have a diverse category of Hearing Aids and have a Hearing Machine that suits your requirement. Our top-notch products will make your life easier and uplift your lifestyle and make it more comfortable.

At present, there is an enormous increase in the number of people facing hearing problems and all of them want to get rid of this problem. In fact, this problem can cause them to lead an abnormal life. But, the days of worries are gone as HEARSOUND HEARING provides you with the best Hearing Aids Services to make you live a healthy life with 100% hearing capability.

According to WHO, more than 1.5 billion people are affected due to hearing problems. This number is significant in India also and HEARSOUND HEARING is aware of that. We provide you with the #1 Hearing Aid Machine that will decrease your health problems to make it almost zero.

Do you know around 5% of school-aged children are affected by the Auditory processing disorder? Even some of them are children under the age of 7. They require a Hearing Machine to make their lives normal again. What they require is with us and we are more than happy to provide them with our state-of-the-art medical products.

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Our Process

For many, the purchase of a Hearing Aids is the first step in rehabilitating their hearing and reconnecting with the world around them.

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1. Preliminary Screening

Step through a consultation exam to get a fundamental comprehension about your hearing.

3. Try Hearing aids

If you have a hearing loss, our experts will recommend hearing aids and provide free demonstrations with them.

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4. Enjoy better hearing

Try our hearing aid if you are 100% satisfied with your demo, Buy our hearing aid and enjoy better hearing.

Our Major Brands

1. Siginia

Signia hearing aids

No doubt Signia is one of the largest hearing aid brands in the worldwide market. Previously used to build as siemens brand name, now has been purchased by sivanto. This is known for its ease of use and the trust by the global market in the aspect of quality.

2. ReSound

Resound hearing aid

ReSound is the brand name eminent for being one of the top four manufacturers of premium hearing aids. Quality is so fine and satisfying that it is successfully covering more than 80% of the global hearing aid market.

3. Starkey

Starkey hearing aid

Starkey is one of the major hearing aid manufacturers in the international market. Designed and checked by highly qualified and skilled health care professionals. Months of research give rise to a collection that is proved as the most successful hearing aid.

4. Phonak

phonak hearing aid

Phonak is a complete and best hearing experience providing a solution. Product begins its journey of features with the affordable costing in its basic model. Phonak has key features like blocking the background noise and feedback blocking. 

5. Oticon

oticon hearing aid

It is specialized in hearing aids to serve a profound hearing experience to the people suffering from either less or high hearing loss. The fitting philosophy of Oticon is called brain hearing. Its focus on the technology

6. Widex

widex hearing aid

It is known for its exceptional sound quality. This brand has all age group designs along with parts that are used to build it. Its noise reduction feature makes it unique and extremely useful for people working outdoors.


We have a belief that everyone will understand our motto and work with us to make this world a normal place for those suffering from hearing disorders. HEARSOUND HEARING is a one-stop provider of hearing solutions in India. It works to provide Hearing Aids to all those who need it to cure their hearing disorder.


We work on three pillars in which we first provide awareness among all that hearing diseases are not taboo. In addition, accepting that you have that disease is the first step to winning it. After this, we ensure that you select the right Hearing Machine that will rectify your disorder and make it more useful. To diagnose the severity of their hearing issues, we run a Hearing Test and get information regarding the day-to-day activities of that person. 


Lastly, we encourage them to take measures to ensure that their hearing disorder should not worsen. We advise them to initiate the usage of Hearing Aids. It will help them to live in this world without any threat regarding the hearing disorder which they have.

Benefits Of Wearing Hearing Aids

Wearing the Hearing Aids products is important as it provides you with multiple benefits. You should know about them to make an informed decision to buy the Best Hearing Aids having the latest technology. Some of the important benefits are written below:

Feature One

Wearing a Hearing Machine will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in both men and women.

Feature Two

Tremendously improve your personal life by improving your relations with both friends and family.

Feature Three

Enhance your mental health with our Best Hearing Aids by improving your social life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to these questions depends on the kind of Hearing Machine you select. We advise you to select the correct one according to the specialists at HEARSOUND HEARING. However, one of the most commonly used Hearing Aids is an in-the-ear (ITE) device that can be used by pulling the outer ear and pushing the Hearing Aid Machine (ITE) in your ear. Rotate the device until it reaches a comfortable position and uses that without any hassle.

All hearing aids use Mercury Cells are the only cells that are used in these hearing solution products. All of these cells can be used in Hearing Aids as their potential rate is only 1.35 V and they always remain potentially constant. The shape and size of these batteries make them a perfect choice for using them in a Hearing Machine.

OAE screening is the method of screening infants or toddlers under the age of (1-2 years). Otoacoustic Emissions or OAE Hearing Test can be done by placing a small probe in the ear of a child that emits low-volume sounds. It detects the absence or presence of OAEs to detect whether a child has auditory problems or not.

Preliminary Screening is a test to decide whether further tests are required or not to know about the screening issues. It is a consultation exam to know more about your hearing capability. It tells the doctor about the primary status of your hearing capability.

If you have more queries related to Hearing Aids, Ear Machine Price in India, or any other relevant queries. Feel free to get in touch with us by dialling +91-8556086888 or visiting our office at SCO-13, Circular Road, Near Ramneek Chowk, Near New Chiri Dhaba, Kapurthala, 146001 during 09:00 – 19:00 (Mon to Sat).

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What people say?

I was worried about my hearing loss. At the very start, I could not even find the problem of what was happening to me. Later I got in touch with HSS and then took an online hearing test. Their experts suggested the best hearing aid. So now I’m very comfortable with the sounds and voices.
Rahul Gaur
Manager, RKGit
Thanks to HSS, I had been facing the issue of hearing loss for a long time. I tried many hearing aids from different providers, but still, there was no natural improvement in the hearing loss. Then I bought the hearing aids from HSS. Then, I realized what the comfort of hearing is.
Simran Ahuja
Head Of Sales , Intel